AQA GCSE 19th Century Literature

Discussion in 'English' started by EnglishTeacher, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. EnglishTeacher

    EnglishTeacher New Member

    Hello all,

    I wondered what text you were choosing for the 19th Century Literature unit? It's a difficult choice!
  2. Mary Cooper

    Mary Cooper New Member

    Our department has all decided to do the same text, The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, so that we can share ideas and resources. We based our decision on the fact that this is a relatively short text in comparison to a number of the others on the syllabus, yet still challenging, and there is a lot to work with in terms of the gothic elements and crafting of language.
  3. EnglishTeacher

    EnglishTeacher New Member

    Thank you Mary. I initially had my heart set on 'Great Expectations', but it's just so long and not realistic with everything else there is to cover! We're currently swinging between 'Jekyll and Hyde' and 'The Sign of Four'. It's a tough choice, hence will be interesting to see what others are opting for.
  4. Julia O'Hagan

    Julia O'Hagan New Member

    Our department are also going with 'Jekyll and Hyde' for similar reasons to Mary. We've bought in a resource from Zigzag Education to help with the planning - our students will study the text in Year 11. The AQA approved student book from Cambridge has some useful stuff in it too.
  5. EnglishTeacher

    EnglishTeacher New Member

    Thanks Julia. I worry the 'weaker' students may find it difficult to access J&H?

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