Can tablets improve literacy in reluctant writers?

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    We are holding an online MLEARN workshop tomorrow (23rd March) at 4pm. This workshop will address using tablets and other devices to encourage reluctant writers to improve their literacy and writing skills.

    Reluctant writers have difficulty starting to write, ask how to spell a word before writing it, write about actual events rather than use their imagination to create fictional stories. They sometimes struggle with finding a topic to write about, they tend to do just one draft, and also avoid revising and editing to make their writing better.

    There are a variety of apps that can help improve reading and writing skills and engage reluctant writers. These strategies on the iPad/Tablet can bridge the gap to engage learners with writing and raise attainment in literacy.

    During the workshop Robin Babbage (Hamstead Hall Academy, Birmingham) will demonstrate these apps and strategies during the workshop. Robin has been leading the MLEARN project teacher training programme in 6 Birmingham schools. This programme has built teacher confidence to use tablets and other devices effectively in the classroom. The results of this programme were evaluated by Lancaster University and can be accessed at:

    The workshop will come to a close at 5pm and you will be able to submit questions to Robin during the live stream. You do not require any downloads on to your computer/device.

    Please share this opportunity with other colleagues who may be interested. If you have any questions please let me know.

    To register please send your email address to Helen Mawson:
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    Sounds great Helen- would have been great if you posted this earlier.
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