China Stainless Steel Centrifugal Fan

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    YHC-TP Stainless Steel Industrial Fan (Belt drive)
    YC-TP belongs to the turbine category. It has a compact structure, high strength, large flow, strong medium pressure capability, stable operation, the most suitable for the wood processing industry, the industry air discharging with large powder and the absorption engineering. It also can for the Ventilation and discharging the air vacuum gas transportation and dust exhausting in chemical, electronics, plastics, textiles, stone decoration, spraying and other industries. And it is a widely used model.
    Fan Forming
    1.YHC-TP consists of the shell, impeller, inlet air and other components. V-belt drive. The fan is made in the forward direction and rotates in reverse. Standing at the end of the electric self (motor) or bearing seat, and face the fan, the impeller running in the forward direction is clockwise, running in the reverse direction is clockwise, and the air outlet is set to 16 basic directions. Any position available as you needs.
    2.There are 11 kinds fan specifications for your choose and can also design as your needs.
    3.The fan air flow can be transported 150000m3 / h, static pressure can be 5000pa, which provides a great deal of space for the use of selection, the impeller is installed on extended side of the bearing in the shell, cantilever support, bearing seat on the support platform, the fan on the overall bracket, the installation is quick and easy.
    4.Blade:is made by the high quality steel and composed of 12pcs back-curved circle blade, curved front shell and plate, corrected by dynamic balance, the fan with good air flow, high efficient, running stably.
    5.Air intakes: is forming by welding the inlet and cover plates, and screwing on the front side plate of the fan shell, which can enhance the strength of the shell and the air flow smoothly.
    6.Running Parts: The transmission parts are connected with the holder, and the structure is firm, stable and reliable. And using high-quality bearings to ensure the work fast and flexible and running temperature is low. (Motor seat plate can be also made as the movement structure, easy adjustment and quick)China Stainless Steel Centrifugal Fan

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