Customized unwalkable ceiling

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    Product Description
    Product CodeMAX-CC-A1
    Product NameWalkable ceiling system
    DescriptionIt is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, aerospace and other industries which need to use clean sheet. Light , FFU , and fire equipment and so on . The system is composed of aluminum alloy ceiling keel module system and ceiling plate system. The aluminum alloy ceiling keel module system is mainly used to bear the load of ceiling plate and control and adjust the ceiling distance and the level of the whole ceiling, Ceiling panels connected with FFU, fire equipment, lamps and access ports .
    This product include: hanging bar, square regulator, flange nuts, hex nuts, T-bolts, aluminum ceiling suspended keel , ceiling panels and other connections
    PerfomanceThe ceiling system grid a is not visible in the lower part of the ceiling.
    The ceiling can be perfectly connected with other equipment in the clean room
    The system ceiling has strong tightness and it is walkable
    The ceiling system can be connected with MAX other types of partition system products perfectly
    The ceiling system connection gap be same width with the wall gap

    ParametersStandard width modulus: 1180 mm, 1160 mm
    Recommended length: not more than 3000mm.It need to increase reinforcement
    Plate thickness: 50 / 55mm
    3D rendering

    Wall structure Panel structure

    Site picture1 Site picture2Customized unwalkable ceiling

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