Solid White Thin Porcelain Tiles suppliers

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    Model: 6BYC12036
    Size: 600*1200mm
    Thickness: 5.5mm. 4.8-6.0mm available customized.
    Color: large white.
    BOYOS large white thin porcelain tiles can be applied in hospital.
    Hospital, with a very large daily traffic, should have so high hygiene and cleanliness requirements. The hospital's space decoration requires not only ensure environmental safety, but also make dust, fire, dirt, corrosion, antibacterial, anti-radiation and other technical indicators can meet the daily use requirements. BOYOS thin ceramic plate, by 1200oC, the surface is smooth, bright, non-smudge and non-seepage, with a strong self-cleaning function, can reduce bacterial retention and growth, reducing the probability that hospital environment may cross-infection. Large format ceramic sheet, decorative integrity, less connection, small gap, further reduce the chance of bacterial growth, is suitable for all departments of hospital, public spaces and other places of the ground, wall decoration materials.Solid White Thin Porcelain Tiles suppliers

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